About KDS

KDS group of Stay & Resort, is an asset owner and boutique hospitality group founded in 2015.

The company’s chairman's, The Choudhary Son’s established the brand’s first Resort property in Nainital ( Jim Corbett ) Uttrakhand, which has since expanded to Greater Noida .

The design of every KDS Group property, is built behind a story of architectural and artistic concept brought to life by modern and cutting edge design visions.

Each property represents a definitive hospitality style fuelled by the desire to be experiential and innovative.

The property are distinctive representations of the brand’s personality, which is ever growing, while remaining true to its core values. The group’s goal is to consistently engage today’s discerning contemporary traveller in a Freak of experiences with trendsetting design, transcending service and current home technological comforts.


To establish presence of the KDS brand and grow our portfolio across country.


To create a FREAK and innovative cutting-edge stay that provide travellers with imaginative designs, bespoke services and unique micro experiences.

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